Our Districts

The concentrated application of economic development incentives in specific geographic areas of Minden allows the community to direct scarce resources in a highly focused and impactful manner.

District 1 is comprised mainly of downtown properties.

Development focus in District 1 is on the following:

Office Buildings and Service
Major Tourism
LodgingMarket Rate Housing Development

District 2 is an area that is motor vehicle friendly. Product distribution primarily via commercial trucking exists within the area.

Development focus in District 2 is on the following:

Advance Manufacturing
Commercial Building/Service Facilities
Wholesale Distribution

District 3 is an area that is primarily characterized as the community’s Interstate Road Frontage Property. This district is prime real estate positioned to attract new spending dollars to the community from commercial and noncommercial motor vehicle travelers.

Development focus in District 3 is on the following;

Major Tourism

District 4 is the major Southeastern by-pass that separates the downtown commercial corridor from the northwest from the primarily residential area to the Southwestern part of the community. Once a site primarily known for mechanical/vehicle repair and warehousing, District 4 is now being targeted for new industries with the following:

Commercial Office/Service
Vehicles Sales/Repair Services